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gift pack
Each experiencethis.co.za gift pack purchased will be delivered in an envelope to the specified recipient. Your experiencethis.co.za gift pack will be housed in a funky cover sleeve and will contain an equally spiffy-looking digitally printed gift voucher with a personal booking reference number and a voucher code for the specific experience as well as an information leaflet. The giver can request a personalized massage to appear on the voucher.

Alternately, an e-voucher will be sent to the recipient's email address

gift pack delivery
Your experiencethis.co.za gift pack will be sent to the delivery address or email address specified on your order form. Our standard operating procedure is to send gift packs by regular mail (via Postnet) so allow 7 days for postage. However, we strongly recommend that you pay the additional overnight Postnet-to-Postnet delivery fee which will ensure that your gift packs arrives safely at your nearest Postnet within 2 working days of receipt of your proof of payment, where you may collect it. OR you can opt for our Rolls Royce door-to-door courier option, which will result in the gift voucher arriving at the recipient’s door within 1 working day of receiving confirmation of payment in full.

Full and correct delivery address details must be provided to experiencethis.co.za. Courier service is available in all main centres and their immediate surrounds. experiencethis.co.za shall not be liable for late deliveries for any reasons beyond their control. All deliveries that fall outside a radius of 50 km from the city hall of Main city are regarded as ‘regional’ deliveries and may require an additional day’s delivery time. Deliveries on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays are subject to a surcharge of approx. R 100 per delivery address.

Catalogue prices are correct at the time of online booking but experiencethis.co.za reserves the right to change the price of any advertised experience without prior notice and prior to confirmation and receipt of full payment by experiencethis.co.za. Booked and confirmed gift experience vouchers are valid for six (6) calendar months from the date of issue by experiencethis.co.za. experiencethis.co.za will not be obliged to adjust its prices for any reason whatsoever or arising from any dispute or argument that the other party might have.

gift vouchers
An experiencethis.co.za voucher cannot be exchanged for cash and its face value is valid for six (6) calendar months from the date of issue and is not transferable or assignable. To redeem a voucher and book an experiencethis.co.za activity, the recipient must quote the reference number and unique PIN printed on the voucher. Should the recipient misplace the voucher, or it is stolen or damaged, experiencethis.co.za may, at its discretion and subject to submission of satisfactory proof (e.g. affidavit), replace the voucher on receipt of payment of an administration fee of R 50. Vouchers are valid for 6 consecutive months from the date of issue. Vouchers not used within this 6-month validity period may, at the sole discretion of experiencethis.co.za, be extended for a further 3 months only upon written application to experiencethis.co.za, on condition that this written request is received prior to the expiry date. This application must be accompanied with an administration fee of R 50 plus any possible price increases that have been effected since the original purchase date. experiencethis.co.za will make every effort to book the experiencethis.co.za activity in accordance with the customer’s requirements, but certain activities and dates are subject to availability.

experience locations

The locations of events issued at the time of booking, while valid at that time, may change. At the time of voucher issue it is important to verify the current locations with experiencethis.co.za and the particular conditions applicable to each location. Your participation will be considered by experiencethis.co.za as your agreement to the location in which the event will take place. Please therefore confirm all details before participating. Venues and service providers have been carefully sourced by experiencethis.co.za. Occasionally we may need to withdraw venues featured for reasons beyond our control. If your chosen venue is withdrawn you will be offered an alternative venue wherever possible or an alternative gift experience voucher to the same face-value. Each venue has its own terms and conditions and the customer/recipient/user is deemed to be aware of and accepts all said terms and conditions.

duration of events

The length of time given for each event must only be regarded as approximate. This can vary due to waiting for participants to complete training or due to the individual physical fitness that is required. The order of events may also be changed at our discretion.

intellectual property rights
all the content on this web site, including but not limited to, software, databases, text, logos, graphics, icons, hyperlinks, private information, designs and agreements are the property of or licensed to experiencethis.co.za and as such are protected from infringement by local and international legislation and treaties. Any copying or unauthorized use of this web site shall constitute an infringement of the intellectual property rights of experiencethis.co.za.

exchange policies

* for open-dated specific experience vouchers:
experiencethis.co.za will, at its discretion, assist the recipient in any possible way to exchange an open–dated, specific experience with no administration charge for an alternative gift experience to the same face-value of the original gift experience Voucher. However, if the new alternative is higher than the face-value of the original gift experience, the exchange will only be confirmed on the balance being received and approved in the experiencethis.co.za account. If the new alternative experience is lower in face-value than the original voucher the balance will be reflected as a credit/discount code and issued to the recipient to use against any future experiencethis.co.za purchases within the expiry of the original voucher, and will not be refunded or extended thereafter.

* for open vouchers:
Open vouchers are non-specific and carry only their face-value. They are redeemable for any gift experiences that fall within the price range specified on the voucher. If the experience chosen is less in value than the open voucher received, the balance (if greater then R50) will be reflected as a discount code and issued for the recipient to use against any future purchases on our website. The discount code will be redeemable for an amount equal or greater than the amount reflected in credit and will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Buyers and/or recipients and/or users of any single experiencethis.co.za vouchers agree to waive any claim of whatsoever nature they might have against experiencethis.co.za or any experiencethis.co.za employee or agent arising from any experiencethis.co.za activity whatsoever. Although every care has been taken in choosing our operators and venues, experiencethis.co.za does not guarantee the safety standards or satisfactory performance of any operator, nor can experiencethis.co.za be liable for any loss or damage suffered by a client whilst participating in the experience for which the operator will be solely responsible.
By booking and/or redeeming experience, Purchasers and/or Recipients and/or Users indemnify experiencethis.co.za and any experiencethis.co.za employee or agent against any claim, damages or loss whatsoever.

Purchasers and/or recipients and/or users of experiencethis.co.za vouchers accept that the experiences are dependant on certain factors sometimes beyond our control and agree that neither experiencethis.co.za nor any operator will be held liable for the cancellation or postponement of any experience for reasons beyond their control including but not limited to weather, mechanical failure, acts of God etc. experiencethis.co.za liability for any claim of breach of obligation regarding any single voucher will not exceed the face-value of that voucher. This excludes claims arising from personal injury or death due to the negligence of experiencethis.co.za or anyone for whom we are responsible. experiencethis.co.za can arrange Personal Accident and Cancellation Insurance if requested to do so in writing.

cancellations and refunds
Refunds will be possible on open-dated specific experience vouchers and open vouchers provided that the refund has been requested in writing by purchaser within 28 days of date purchased and the original voucher is returned (at the customer’s cost) and received by experiencethis.co.za within the aforesaid 28 day period. In the event of a refund, experiencethis.co.za will deduct an administration fee of 10% (or minimum fee of R100 if other is less) from the amount to be refunded to the customer.

No refund is possible for experiences already booked for a specific date. Changing a booked date amounts to cancellation, so once your booking has been made you may incur cancellation charges if you have to re-book. experiencethis.co.za does not accept re-bookings or cancellations made within 30 days of a booked experience and will not be responsible for any refunds whatsoever, arising from any causes whatsoever. Cancellation policies vary from venue to venue and fall under their Terms and Conditions, which Terms and Conditions are hereby accepted by the customer.

In the event that experiencethis.co.za is advised of the cancellation or postponement of an activity for any reason beyond our operator’s control, experiencethis.co.za will notify the customer of said cancellation and/or postponement as soon as possible and will make every endeavour to offer the customer an alternative date/time or experience. experiencethis.co.za cannot unfortunately in these circumstances offer any refund of the purchase price. Agreed refunds are made to the person who purchased the experience and will be refunded using the same method of payment as originally purchased.


Once your booking has been made you are responsible for payment to us even if you wish to cancel. Provided you warn us at least five days in advance we will endeavour to change your date and/or exchange your event. Should circumstances force us to cancel an event we will arrange an alternative date or, if this does not suit you, reimburse your payment. This will also apply if the weather or some other factor beyond our control forces cancellation.

pictures and information
All promotional material, pictures, illustrations and description are used as an indication only and for information purposes only and do not form the basis or part of the agreement. Some experiencethis.co.za gift experiences may vary from to venue and will be subject to the exclusive provisions by each service provider. experiencethis.co.za has made every effort to ensure that all the information provided is correct at the time of on-line booking. However, as changes do occur experiencethis.co.za recommends that the buyer and/or recipient confirm the experience value and inclusions before making specific reservations. Please contact our Call Centre at help@experiencethis.co.za.co.za or phone 086 111 3084.

experiencethis.co.za shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage arising out of the use by the customer of any promotional material, illustrations and the like.

length of each activity session
The duration of each experience session is approximate and may vary from venue to venue. These are to be used as an indication of the time you will spend at the venue. If more participants take part the recipient will have to comply with the roster provided by a supplier and the recipient’s cooperation would be appreciated.

Each experience may carry some restriction and these may vary from supplier to supplier. Limitations (e.g. age, health, weight, height) will be clearly detailed with each experience confirmation and it is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that he/she complies entirely. Once booked the buyer/recipient may be liable for cancellation fees should the participant be unable to meet the requirements. Full details will be included in your gift pack and please read them carefully.

All gift experiences offered are subject to availability. Relevant details when an experience is available, if available, may be found on our web site stated under each experience. It is recommended that you make bookings at least 30 days in advance and even earlier for peak days such as weekends and holidays. Bookings are not confirmed until you receive confirmation from us. You should not make any travel, accommodation or other arrangements until you have received your booking confirmation.

agreements of sale
Placing an item in the experiencethis.co.za shopping basket without completing the purchase cycle instructed by experiencethis.co.za does not constitute an agreement of sale between experiencethis.co.za and the user. An agreement of sale only comes into effect if and when:

An online authorization is received from the online bank,
An electronic transfer of funds is reflected on experiencethis.co.za bank statement, or
A direct deposit into the experiencethis.co.za bank account is reflected on experiencethis.co.za bank statement, and only if faxed or emailed proof of such payment is received within 5 business days after completion of the purchase cycle.

experiencethis.co.za reserves the right to refuse to accept and/or execute an order should it not comply with any aspect of our Terms and Conditions.

experiencethis.co.za has taken great care in choosing superior service providers for each experience. Should a problem arise during an experience, please bring it to the attention of the operator at the venue, and notify us of your concerns in writing to help@experiencethis.co.za. Any complaint will be fully investigated by experiencethis.co.za. Our service to you is our first priority.

change of terms and conditions
experiencethis.co.za reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of sale at any time. Any changes will not affect confirmed orders.

whole agreement
These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties as to the subject matter hereof and no agreement, representations or warranties between the parties other than those set out herein are binding on the parties. No addition to or variation, consensual or novation of these terms and conditions shall be of any force and effect unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.

special damages
experiencethis.co.za shall not be liable to any customer or any other person for any loss of profit or other special damages or any consequential damages whatsoever arising out of any breach by experiencethis.co.za of any of its obligations under these conditions or any cause whatsoever.

All contracts for the sale of experiencethis.co.za gift experience vouchers purchased and sold incorporate the above Terms and Conditions. Any term or condition stipulated by the customer and not agreed to in writing by experiencethis.co.za shall be of no force or effect.

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